Redrew this chibi because my art has improved since then, buh buh buh. Redrawing the Lydia and maybe Ryker ones too.

I’ve really been enjoying drawing chibis, cry.

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More Oliver rabu ububuu
obvious playing with brushes is obvious

edit: dammit posted to wrong blog

I’m too tired and lazy to delete it and set up the post again on here
it would have been on both blogs anyway because I like it

goodnight tumblr jdk;a 

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Some love for Oliver, grumpy hick of a Feraligatr. I… I really like drawing him with a tube, idk, it’s kind of amusing imo.

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For Zheida! \w/ Having fun with this chalk brush LMAO

x-posted again LMAO!

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And now for something different. DERP, weird Vanilluxe gijinka that I’ve been workin’ on.

I didn’t want to do twins, and since I got it in my head that the thing would be yandere or something, HAVE A SPLIT PERSONALITY GIRL WITH A VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY. Dere is the girl’s personality, yan is the male dummy’s personality, HAHAHA.

Oh. Also they like ice cream.


Crossposted. o/

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My Zekrom gijinka! Normally he wears armor LMAO but I can’t be bothered with it today so LOOK A HEADSHOT FACING THE LEFT like a lot of my other pictures whoops  But I figured out those cool preset things in sai? SO YAY

x-posted aww yea

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Redrawn RPs from Tegaki with my combusken gijinker Alex. Also Julius who belongs to Zheida and Eva who belongs to LittleDigits

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this is a self-rp comic that I’m doing for Zheida. 
FIRST PAGE. Aw man I’m so rusty with comics, I meant to submit this elsewhere but this is the only one that works right now? Wtf is up with you tumblr 

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SO PHIL WANTED ME TO POST THINGS. I haven’t posted art in like 6 years or something it feels like. 
1st - Giltine and Vadim. Giltine is my Giratina gijinka and his brother Vadim who is a Palkia who is Zheida’s. UHH… THEY HAVE A REALLY TWISTED RELATIONSHIP I AM TOO ASHAMED TO DESCRIBE HERE. But they are very bad people. The end.

2nd - Arimas and Demi. Arimas is mine and Demi is Zheida’s and they just pretty much hopped right out of a shoujo. GO FIGURE.  

3rd - Rune my shiny gastly turned magical boy that I have trouble ever RPing since because TE.

4rd - RANDOM LIEPARD GIJINKA. Um… I haven’t really done anything with him.

5th - I regret nothing. I’M TIRED OF TYPING NOW.  

ENJOY YA PICTURES. Until another few months.  

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Ryker (c) Digits

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Vlad (c) Yuki

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Lydia (c) Zheida

Posting the chibis here too. o/

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Inspiration: Episode 11 of the Pokemon Anime. Except I made it happier atmosphere, quite obviously, LOL.

I hope it’s fine! o/

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Art for mini-event in the Pokemon Contest group! \o/ Finally found a use for my Darumaka and gave him a name for those of you that don’t know - Aiden. He’s a dork. The rest of the minievent is here!

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