Second though we won’t be posting here anymore, but since both of us are attached to this blog it’ll stay here. But if you’d like to see our art we have separate blogs now. 

Phil’s Tumblr - she posts all of her art there on her art tag along with other stuff, she has a homestuck account too here!

My account is Here and it’s my artblog that’s separate from my personal account. SO HAPPY NEW YEARS AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LIKING OUR STUFF! \w/

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KIBA’S OCs. From the requests I took the other day. There’s a third one but I think I’m all colored out for today LOL I will finish the last one tomorroww

I need to post things to this blog. 

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The eeljinkas I made! Not tagging it because I already posted them on my personal blog. I figured I would post them here too. UwU

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kuroningyou: Do you guys have SheezyArt? If so, what's your screennames? I would love you watch you. ^^

I think Phil may have one, but otherwise no not really. We usually post most of our art here on tumblr or on our personal blogs. If you’d like I can get a list of the other sites we have and post them up for you. Otherwise you can just follow our personals linked off in the side bar there. 
Hope that helps!

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Slash & Burn

Music I was listening to while doing this. Took a couple days not counting the break in between. The bg still is kinda weh but better than no background at all I think
OCs! Vitas and Richard. Vitas belongs to Zheida and Richard is mine. 
Torterra and Swadloon gijinkas.  

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Prompts, OCs, fanart whatever. I can’t guarantee I’ll do all of them, it’ll just be as many as I find interest in. 
Also don’t be offended if I refuse, because there are a few things I wouldn’t/won’t draw so… YEA.  

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SO I’ve had this idea running around for awhile that I’d practice two things. One it’s fun for my to try a more geometric (I guess?) style of cartoon/artwork so I thought I’d play around with it a little. And uhh I want to practice comics and see if I can actually manage to get a page out once or twice a week. Because I do want to do a more complicated in plot comic with my normal style but I wanna see if I can actually commit to it. So really this is more or less to practice comics too. 
The plot is pretty simple, just about a hipster dude and a weeaboo who get stuck in the same dorm for the art school they go to. One wants to be a “serious” artist and then the other wants to be “A FAMOUS MANGA-KA”. Overgrown man-child vs mature cynical adult. Though admittedly they look different from their concept sketches here OH WELL.
The red head is Drake (A very old OC that hopefully no one remembers) AND glasses is Jeremy.
We’ll see what happens with this lolsob 

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Hey everyone! I need some help with my finances for a college debt and am taking commissions to get money for it. It’d be super helpful if you took some time to either reblog or get some commissions. I’ll work hard on them!

Examples and pricing behind the ‘

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 chocolatecroissants answered your question: Fanart Friday

FIONNNAAAaaaa please 
Fionna! Hope you like it! 

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[OOC: ASK BLOG FIRST POST GO! Not much to say other than ASK US STUFF AND WE WILL DRAW IT FOR YOU— please be patient with us, as the answers will take varying amounts of time and energy and we both have other things to do! We will do our best to stay in character and this is a FAN FRIENDLY BLOG, we will keep pairing bias out of the equation! Feel free to ask both of the boys things together, or ask the individual! 

This blog is run by two players; 

Marshall Lee as played by - Yuki (or kiyuyu, whichever you prefer) and here statement for you all is as follows: “HI I’M YUKI I LIKE TO CRUISE CONTROL CAPS. I RUIN CHARACTERS, LOVE DRAWING AND I LIKE LONG WALKS ON THE BEACH.”

Isn’t she eloquent? 

And Prince Gumball as played by me! Zheida! and my statement is— Well this whole thing I’m typing.

I hope you enjoy this blog and please be courteous to the artists :D Thank you!]

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Fanart Friday


I wanna do some fanart but not quite sure what to do…so gonna take some requests. I’ll ask for refs if I’ve never heard of the series. \o/

single character requests please?

gonna be posted on my main blog for the most part!

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For Zheida! \w/ Having fun with this chalk brush LMAO

x-posted again LMAO!

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My Zekrom gijinka! Normally he wears armor LMAO but I can’t be bothered with it today so LOOK A HEADSHOT FACING THE LEFT like a lot of my other pictures whoops  But I figured out those cool preset things in sai? SO YAY

x-posted aww yea

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More ohecakees! 

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