Second though we won’t be posting here anymore, but since both of us are attached to this blog it’ll stay here. But if you’d like to see our art we have separate blogs now. 

Phil’s Tumblr - she posts all of her art there on her art tag along with other stuff, she has a homestuck account too here!

My account is Here and it’s my artblog that’s separate from my personal account. SO HAPPY NEW YEARS AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR LIKING OUR STUFF! \w/

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KIBA’S OCs. From the requests I took the other day. There’s a third one but I think I’m all colored out for today LOL I will finish the last one tomorroww

I need to post things to this blog. 

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Anonymous: erm, oh hey, you use a bamboo tablet for your art right? Do you mind telling me what model? thanks >w<

UH, since you didn’t say who you were asking—I’ll just put both of our tablets:

I (Phil) use a Genius Mousepen i608.
Yuki uses the Wacom Bamboo Pen model.

You’re definitely better off going for hers if you’re looking to buy a good tablet; thanks for asking. o/

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So many places I've been and there's so much more to see
We've got galaxies and planets and moons
And an awful lot of running to do.

Name: godiseven
Type:  Color | Full Body
Commission: Genderbent Doctor Who/Adventure Time mashup; Fionna as Eleven, PG as Amy, Marshall as Rory and Cake as TARDIS. Will additional amount.


THANK YOU GODISEVEN for commissioning this, I loved it and I hope you love it too! Doctor Who and Adventure Time are two of my favorites so the mashup was a lot of fun. The lyrics from above are from Chameleon Circut’s “An Awful Lot of Running”.


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The eeljinkas I made! Not tagging it because I already posted them on my personal blog. I figured I would post them here too. UwU

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kuroningyou: Do you guys have SheezyArt? If so, what's your screennames? I would love you watch you. ^^

I think Phil may have one, but otherwise no not really. We usually post most of our art here on tumblr or on our personal blogs. If you’d like I can get a list of the other sites we have and post them up for you. Otherwise you can just follow our personals linked off in the side bar there. 
Hope that helps!

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Redraw of this. IMPROVEMENT EVERYWHURR. okayi’ll stop drawing chibis for now and get back to work omg what am i doing with my life

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Redrew this chibi because my art has improved since then, buh buh buh. Redrawing the Lydia and maybe Ryker ones too.

I’ve really been enjoying drawing chibis, cry.

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Little Swinub doodle I did during short stream today.

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I own the Enchiridion. It's vintage.

Posting this before I go do chores and eat dinner, doopdedoo. Hipster version of Fionna.

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More Oliver rabu ububuu
obvious playing with brushes is obvious

edit: dammit posted to wrong blog

I’m too tired and lazy to delete it and set up the post again on here
it would have been on both blogs anyway because I like it

goodnight tumblr jdk;a 

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Playing around doop doop doop

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Name some animals?


Practice for tomorrow. Go ahead and list off some wild animals, or breeds of dog, or breeds of cat; whatever! Just any animal(s) you like. Please and thank you. ♥

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Some love for Oliver, grumpy hick of a Feraligatr. I… I really like drawing him with a tube, idk, it’s kind of amusing imo.

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Slash & Burn

Music I was listening to while doing this. Took a couple days not counting the break in between. The bg still is kinda weh but better than no background at all I think
OCs! Vitas and Richard. Vitas belongs to Zheida and Richard is mine. 
Torterra and Swadloon gijinkas.  

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